Lower Our Taxes

With arguably the most disproportionate state income tax in the country, South Carolina residents deserve tax reform that does not penalize success or punish entrepreneurs from starting and expanding business in our state.

As the sponsor of legislation to eliminate the state income tax, Senator Katrina Shealy is committed to making our tax structure simpler, fairer and smaller for all residents. Unlike other states that have eliminated the income tax but increased other taxes, Senator Shealy’s plan only cuts our income tax – forcing state government to cut wasteful spending.

Protect Our Most Vulnerable

From our unborn children to our senior citizens, the most vulnerable South Carolina citizens deserve protection.

Serving on the Senate’s Department of Social Services Oversight Committee, Senator Katrina Shealy is leading the charge to protect all of our people. Senator Shealy has advanced legislation to protect the children within the Department of Social Services and the victims of domestic violence.

Improve Our Education

South Carolina’s next generation of leaders deserve a quality education, regardless of their zip codes or their financial status. And our state’s children deserve better than being forced to accept national educational standards set by Washington bureaucrats.

A strong opponent of Common Core, Senator Katrina Shealy understands that our parents know our children best and the best learning environment for them. Senator Shealy strongly supports school choice – allowing parents to option of any inter-district school, magnet school, charter school, home school, private school, parochial school or virtual learning center that best serves their children.

Defend Our Gun Rights

Senator Katrina Shealy is one of South Carolina’s top defenders of our right to bear arms. She has supported and is committed to continue supporting legislation that protects our gun rights.