It was a great today to stand with Governor McMaster, Representative James Smith, Kimberly LaJoie Tissot, and so many others to celebrate the signing of the "SC Persons with Disabilities Right to Parent Act" ...

I am giving this information again for those who missed it before. This goes into effect July 1 2017.

Final Infrastructure Bill Details

​The final version of the bill raises the state’s gasoline tax by 2¢ over 6 years, 12¢ in total to be dedicated to a newly created Infrastructure Maintenance Trust Fund (IMTF) to be used for repair and maintenance of existing road repair, not new construction. Included in additional fee increases are:

• Biennial motor vehicle registration fee increase by $16.00
• Imposes $60.00 biennial road user fee on Alternative Fuel vehicles, $120.00 for Hybrid vehicles.
• Increases Sales tax on motor vehicles cap to $500.00 for in-state and IMTF fee of $250.00 for out-of-state vehicles. (This is a few for people who move to SC to register their vehicles in this state and not if you transfer between family members)

In total, this generates approximately $600 M annually upon 6-year implementation.

​It also includes components of reform and tax relief. The SCDOT Commission will consist of 9 members total: 7 members from Congressional Districts appointed by the govenor submitted to House and Senate for approval, and increases the at-large appointment to two with advice and consent of the General Assembly by a separate vote in both bodies. Eliminates the Joint Transportation Review Committee, and gives General Assembly 45 days to act on an appointment. Allows the governor to remove Commissioners at will. Removes Commission from day-to-day operations of the department.
​Institutes a refundable credit against the resident’s actual motor fuel user fee incurred at 100% for an amount to be spent on preventative maintenance. Institutes a non-refundable income tax credit 125% of federal EITC to be phased in through six equal installments. Increases income limit for two-wage earner credit to $50,000.00. Increases the current refundable income tax credit at four and two year institutions to 50%, not to exceed $1,500.00 at a cap of $40 M. Reduction in property tax assessment ratio from 10.5% to an effective 9%.


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